Dolphin M400 Cleaner

Dolphin M400 Cleaner

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Dolphin M400 cleaner from Maytronics and its transport cart

Cleaner to meet the needs of in-ground pool owners. It includes integrated software that allows systematic cleaning of the entire swimming pool.

Includes three brushes, one active, which cleans the floor, the walls and the water line a swimming pool up to 40 feet long.

Easy cleaning thanks to access to the filter cartridges and the filter bag on top of the cleaner. Has patented Dolphin swivel cables that prevent cable tangling.

Weekly timer that allows you to set cleaning cycles for the entire week at the touch of a button. Your Dolphin can do automatic cleaning every 24 hours, 48 ​​hours or 72 hours, for 3 consecutive cycles. 2.5 hour cycles.

Main advantages:

- Filters and cleans at the same time;
- No connection to the filtration of the swimming pool;
- Does not soil the filter;
- Self-contained swimming pool cleaning;

- Includes the MyDolphin Plus mobile application with Wi-Fi;

- 3 year limited warranty.