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Waterco variable speed pump, Infinium Eco V Series – 110V/230V

Waterco variable speed pump, Infinium Eco V Series – 110V/230V

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Powerful and durable,

Model: Variable speed pump, Infinium Eco V Series - Waterco 110V/230V

The Waterco variable speed pump Infinium ECO-V150 is ideal for all types of in-ground pools or above ground pools. In addition, the pump is also ideal for spas, ponds and fountains. 

Two models are available: 

  • 1.65 HP, 110V/220V
  • 2.70 HP, 220V

The Infinium ECO-V150 variable speed pump can be installed directly in place of the Pentair Super Max series and the Hayward Super Pump.

Waterco variable speed pump features

  • Integrated timer
  • Graphic display easy to read and program
  • 3 speed settings and 1 optimal setting
  • Replacement of the classic pump for inground pools
  • 240V
  • 1.65 hp
  • Strong and durable polymer housing
  • 1 ½ '' and 2 '' fittings
  • Black
  • Efficient and durable pump
  • Commercial grade airtight motor
  • Save at least $350 of electricity per season
  • Innovative hydraulic system fine-tuned for over 40 years
  • High-performance electromechanical motor and advanced controls reducing sound emissions ores
  • Waterproof and UV resistant case
  • Self-priming for quick and easy commissioning
  • IAPMO approved and tested according to UL 1081

Benefits of Waterco’s variable speed pump

  • Substantial savings in electricity. The pump pays for itself in 2 or 3 seasons
  • Reduced energy costs up to 80%
  • Very quiet
  • Improves filtration
  • Better suction when sweeping
  • Good performance and durability
  • Excellent resistance to the salt system
  • Self-priming
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to open cover

Warranties offered

  • 3 years warranty on the Wet-End
  • 2 year warranty on engine components, seal, ball bearing
  • 1 year warranty on labor

You need a pump for your pool, spa, pond or fountain? The Waterco pump filters or circulates water in low pressure mode, saving you water, time and energy. Waterco is an Australian company with a worldwide reputation in pool equipment. Get the best of the best in the market with the Waterco variable speed pump.