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Multicyclone prefiltre
Multicyclone prefiltre
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Multicyclone prefiltre

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Powerful and durable,

Multicyclone prefilter

The MultiCyclone by Waterco is a prefilter ideal for all facilities. It captures 80% of the dirt and debris that enters, reducing the load on the filter of the pool or spa. It works on the following principle: water enters the Multicyclone from the pump and is subjected to a strong centrifugal force. Accumulated sediment stays on the periphery in the filter and filtered water exits. The flow stays constant in the interior even with the accumulation of debris. Consequently, by opening a valve on the side you are able to empty the reservoir. 

The Multicyclone is ideal to install in conjunction with a sand filter. It will let you reduce the frequency of backwash cleanings and will therefore allow you to save water. It is also ideal to install together with a cartridge filter. It can therefore minimize the cleaning of cartridges and preserve their life span.


  • Improve water circulation
  • Increase the performance of the automatic pool cleaner and the pool cleaning system
  • Allows the vacuum to be efficient without the pool filter
  • Reduces filter maintenance
  • Saves water
  • Minimizes filter cartridge cleaning
  • Increase lifespan of filter cartridges
  • An eco-friendly and responsible choice


  • UV stable and corrosion resistant
  • High performance hydraulic design
  • Made of fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic
  • Transparent polycarbonate sediment chamber
  • 1” purge valve
  • 1 year warranty