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Thermeau Heat Pump

Dolphin M600

Superior quality filtration

Waterco S602 ECO, Fiberglass

Powerful and durable, Micron ECO filters embody the latest fiberglass winding technology. The micron fiberglass containers consist of an inner fiberglass shell reinforced with several layers of continuous strands of fiberglass filaments. Water savings of up to 30% and better water quality.

Waterco Infinium ECO V-Series, Variable

Perfect for any type of pool, the Infinium ECO-V150 variable speed pump is specially designed to be your best choice for a variety of above ground and inground pools. Robust and proven design perfect for a pool, spa, water basin or fountain. Reduced energy costs up to 80%.

Waterco Glass Bead

Made from 100% virgin glass, Waterco glass beads are a new generation of filter media, capable of providing water with superior clarity and much more durable and therefore allows many years without replacing it. A water saving of up to 20% for backwashing.

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