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Bewell O565

Bewell O565

Piscines et Spas POSEIDON
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The O565 spa is probably one of the most balanced models in the Be Well range.
It has the advantage of offering 5 real seats, including 2 lying down. These are different, one being more suitable for a tall person, the second is shorter and positioned higher for a slightly shorter person.

The spa is powered by 3 pumps: the first 3 HP dual-speed pump provides filtration but also massage. Thanks to the Gecko system, it is very easy to program filtration times to coincide with off-peak hours, if you have them. The second 4 HP pump is also coupled to the second filter and provides a powerful massage. Finally, the blower offers a leg massage similar to lymphatic drainage, very popular with people suffering from heavy legs and circulatory problems.