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Eti 400 gas water heater

Eti 400 gas water heater

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Eti 400 gas water heater

When you are looking for quality, strength and durability, you are looking for the corrosion resistance of Titanium. Indeed, what sets the Pentair ETI 400 Gas Water Heater apart is its Titantough direct combustion titanium heat exchanger for durable, thermal and energy efficient heat.

Titanium is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and light weight. The role of the heat exchanger is to capture the heat from the burning gas and transfer it to the water in your swimming pool. The more effective, the better. However, the combination of operating heat and pool water chemistry can be difficult for heat exchangers, leading to corrosion and failure. That is why we made the direct fire heat exchanger of the high efficiency ETi 400 heater in titanium. It offers a long life under extreme conditions.

  • Most durable heat exchanger ever built
  • Incredible 96% thermal efficiency - more heat enters pool water faster
    Unparalleled energy savings
  • Can now be converted from natural gas to propane gas by purchasing a propane gas conversion kit.


  1. Withstands the toughest conditions. Flame temperatures of 1,800 F and pool water chemistry are all day jobs for titanium..
  2. Design elements that improve durability and efficiency. No welds, strips or joints reducing corrosion resistance. Tubes are designed for maximum flow and efficiency.
  3. Industrial chemical processors rely on titanium. When handling concentrated chlorine compounds, industrial processors rely on the corrosion resistance of titanium piping and heat exchangers.


  1. EASY TO DISPOSE OF PROPERLY: Fully sealed Category IV direct air vent does not require large openings for combustion air
  2. ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION: Ideal for you, ideal for your neighbors
  3. INSTALL IN LEFT OR RIGHT ORIENTATION: Swinging front door allows the control keypad to be rotated 180 degrees, so this heater can be left or right plumbed