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Winter Net for above ground pool

Winter Net for above ground pool

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Powerful and durable,

Winter Net for above ground pool

Pool and Spa POSEIDON is offering you quality winter mesh leaf net. It is made of tight polyethylene mesh that lets pass the water but keeps the leaves and debris on top. Indeed, it blocks 88% of the sun rays so as not to damage the pool and keep the water clean underneath. Our winter pool net is economic and perfect for a backyard with a lot of leaves and debris.

Characteristics :

  • Black color
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Better and more solid than comparable products in the industry
  • Polyethylene loops each 24'' for a better attachment
  • Metal ring every 24'' to facilitate the attachment on the ground
  • 1 year warranty

Advantages :

  • Protects the vinyl of the pool or the paint during the winter time
  • Protects leafs or debris from entering the pool
  • Greatly reduce the algea burst in the pool during the winter
  • Facilitate spring opening