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Globrite Light, Pentair

Globrite Light, Pentair

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Powerful and durable,

GloBrite uses the most advanced technology in the industry to enhance and improve your water and light games in shallow water to make your evenings by the pool spectacular moments. In addition to being easily and quickly installed, GloBrite lamps are also the brightest and most efficient on the market.

  • 5 sparkling fixed colors, 7 fascinating sets of programmed lights
  • The perfect complement to the IntelliBrite® 5g LED lighting, for a dynamic, synchronized and colorful pool
  • Compatible with the IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® control systems
  • Can be used with the optional IntelliBrite® controller
  • No need to connect cables, for quick and easy installation.

All Pentair underwater lamps UL listed are certified for use in freshwater with a salinity level of up to 6000 ppm.

GloBrite lamps use the most advanced technology for bright, energy efficient lighting while using less energy than comparable pool and spa lamps.

GloBrite lamps are the way It is more creative and more economical to improve the characteristics of your swimming pool such as tanning platforms, stairs, beach style entrances and other light and water games. Let the GloBrite LED lighting illuminate your water and light displays and make your night swimming and backyard recreation more beautiful and thrilling.