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Waterco pool heat pump Oblong model

Waterco pool heat pump Oblong model

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Modèle : Waterco heat pump Oblong model

The pool heat pump brand : Waterco

Waterco, an Australian company, manufactures heat pumps that are reliable, energy and water efficient, and easy to maintain. Waterco heat pumps are sold around the world and are very popular with Quebec households. 

The advantages of the Oblong Waterco heat pump

Choosing the Waterco Oblong heat pump is to benefit from: 

  • Heat for your pool 24 hours a day for optimal comfort, while extending your swimming season: the Oblong Waterco heat pump can heat water at low outdoor temperatures thanks to its active hot gas defrosting;
  • Energy savings of up to 500% on electric heaters, 50% on natural gas and 80% on propane: the Waterco heat pump can produce up to 5kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity consumed;
  • A pool heater designed and adapted to the Quebec climate;
  • An exceptional quality/price ratio: the price of the pool heat pump is affordable and the performance is there.

Available models of the Waterco heat pump Oblong model 

  1. 50 000 BTU – 30 A
  1. 65 000 BTU – 40 A
  1. 80 000 BTU – 40 A 
  1. 110 000 BTU – 50 A
  1. 130 000 BTU – 50 A

Warranties offered by the Waterco heat pump, Oblong model

  • 3 years on parts and labor;
  • 5 years on the compressor;
  • 10 years on the titanium heat exchanger.