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Bewell O460

Bewell O460

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Powerful and durable,

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If you are looking for a family spa, capable of comfortably accommodating 4-5 people, the O460 is perfect for you.

Thanks to a width of 1.91m, it can easily be placed on edge and passed under a door.

Even if it is compact, it has not forgotten to be efficient:it is equipped with 2 massage pumps of 3 HP each and a 1 HP blower, which makes it a particularly powerful model.

The massage system under the legs of the reclining seat allows you to inject water or air or both at the same time, thanks to a double row of jets.

  • 191 x 222 x 91cm
  • 60 jets including 16 air jets
  • 2 pumps of 3HP
  • 1 blower of 1HP
  • Gecko control system